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Superior Home Construction offers a wide range of choices whether you are looking for conventional built home with an exterior finish of vinyl siding, stone, brick, or if the log home experience is in your future!

Split log construction is designed to offer the appearance of authentic full-log construction, but also gives unlimited possibilities for exterior and interior styles and design as it combines conventional construction with full-log aesthetics. That allows you to choose from various interior wall finishes from log to drywall to tongue-and-groove. Superior Home Construction offers so many different log styles, sizes, species and profiles, that design options and finish combinations are almost unlimited.

Corner Profiles Superior Home Construction specializes in split log construction. Split log construction is composed of full logs sawn with a flat side and drilled into conventional 2” x 6” insulated walls. It gives the log home twice the energy efficiency as a full log home, and without having to worry about warping, twisting, settling and constant maintenance associated with full log construction.
Butt & Pass Logs Butt & Pass
Log corners pass over each other creating traditional log home look.
Vertical logs Vertical Log
Offers a contemporary look and features a square or round vertical log at the corners. It is frequently used on dormers or uniquely angled corners.
Partial Cope logs Partial Cope
Log corners pass over each other similar to Butt and Pass but with a more rounded log choice.
Saddle Notch logs Saddle Notch
Saddle notch corners feature logs that are overlapping rather than butting into one another at the corner intersections.